Graphic Designer Tallinn

As our design guru, you will create compelling designs, collaterals, and videos to be used across digital/physical channels. You’ll work closely with the marketing team to develop content that assists product communication and engages digital audiences via social media channels.

Axinom is a leading provider of software products in the media and transportation industry. Our products solve the evolving challenges of digital content and services management, processing, security, delivery, and deployment.

We have enabled some of the industry’s biggest organizations to build and serve scalable entertainment, connectivity, and IoT solutions. Our feats in the transportation and media industry include powering the on-board entertainment systems of one of the largest US airlines and the biggest Baltic coach service and enabling OTT video streaming for over 63 million viewers globally.

As a company, we nurture and promote depth of talent, teamwork, and appreciate initiatives. We also put our values of versatility, passion, and innovation to practice. Apply today to be a part of our initiative of shaping the future digital content and services!

If you have the creative vision, a systematic design process, and want to work for an amazing team, apply now!

Job description

  • Creating all kinds of graphical assets for our digital and physical channels — illustrations, banners, print ADs, presentations, materials for events, and exhibitions.
  • Editing videos and making motion graphics.
  • Building visuals for our landing pages, product workflows, internal projects etc.

Skill requirements

  • Inquisitive, and interested in B2B communication and marketing design
  • Experienced as a junior designer
  • Proficient in English language
  • Proficient in Adobe graphic suite (Photoshop/Illustrator/After Effects/Premier)
  • Knowledgeable about motion graphics and video editing
  • Knowledgeable about digital assets, image formats, print and pre-press process
  • Knowledgeable about HTML/CSS

Company offers

  • Career opportunities, individual approach, competitive salary
  • Trainings & professional development
  • Team events
  • A dynamic & international team
  • A friendly and pleasant working atmosphere in our open space office
  • … and much more

How to apply

To apply, please send us your CV in English and show your skills by creating one of the three possible assets for an upcoming (fictive) event — Mobile Universe Congress 2055!

Have a look at our communication on LinkedIn and website and try to align with our current branding. As font, please use Fira Sans which can be found on Google fonts.

The three possible assets are the following:

  • LinkedIn banner announcing that Axinom will take part in the event:
    • Text for the banner: “12 Dec 2055. Axinom at Mobile Univerce Congress 2055. Meet Mosaic 3.0 — first platform for building intergalactic OTT solutions!”
    • Result: .PNG file. Size: regular LinkedIn banner
  • Header illustration for the Axinom landing page dedicated to the event
    • On the event Axinom will present 3rd version of its own platform called Mosaic. This tool first in history will allow building intergalactic OTT solutions.
    • Result: .SVG or .PNG file. SIze: 1000x1002px 144dpi
  • Powerpoint slide presenting 3 main features of the Mosiac 3.0 platform
    • Infinite Scale and Expand — Scale the services as your platform expands. Our modular approach allows you to replicate your services or deploy additional resources on the fly, so that you can grow as your audience becomes infinite.
    • Nano-Frontends — Our nano-frontend based architecture decouples the frontend logic from the backend to not only bring a standardized user-experience throughout, but also to build light-speed, and deploy independently.
    • AI Based Source Code, Template, and Libraries — We enable you to build your own services and have them running in no time with a source code that is AI based and available for you to customize. You also have access to service templates, powerful APIs, and extensive libraries.
    • Result: .PPT file. Size: 16:9 FullHD


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