Media Streaming Engineer Colombo/Tartu/Tallinn

Streamable media is not uncommon these days, it’s probably fair to say! Would you like to build a system that allows people to create audio and video streams that take less energy to transfer and stream, less storage to, uh, store, and a system that is easy to use? Interesting, isn’t it? Then join Axinom as a media streaming engineer!


  • Build a service that allows people to produce efficient audio and video streams (C# + industry-standard tools).
  • Build an easy user interface for this service in our powerful CMS (TypeScript + GraphQL).
  • Being one of the deciders on the next big features for these systems (You + imagination).
  • Let’s do this right, though! Let’s architect our system properly! Proper plans, specs, etc. are our friends.


  • Experience with C#, TypeScript
  • Proficient in Linux/macOS CLI
  • Understanding principles of clean code
  • You understand the need to test and document your code
  • Good English language skills, both written and spoken
  • At least 3 years of experience as a software developer
  • Ability and will to work in a team, good communication skills


  • Experience with media encoding, decoding, packaging
  • Experience with Python, Bash
  • Experience with AWS, Microsoft Azure
  • Experience with ASP.NET, REST APIs, GraphQL
  • Experience with RabbitMQ, Azure ServiceBus
  • Experience with CI/CD
  • Experience with writing automatic/unit tests
  • Experience with using AI to simplify your work
  • Higher IT education


  • Career opportunities, individual approach, competitive salary
  • Comfortable working environment
  • Training, courses and exams
  • Participation in international projects
  • Participating in local and international events organized by the company


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